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Yes, I struggle with too much stuff as well. Still have boxes from my mothers house and grandmother's house from when they passed away almost three years ago. Have gotten much better at getting rid of clothes though. Good luck. Will light a candle.


I think you have a ways to go. Looks like comfortable clutter to me. Maybe I just want to believe that, as I look around me.


That's nothing. Just a little clutter. It actually looks pretty neat to me. You should see my place. It's borderline Collyer, a three story Victorian that's packed to the gills and in dire need of cleaning to boot. But even my heap doesn't compare to my mother's. She definitely has a severe obsessive compulsive disorder. She rented a huge office building downtown and filled it to the ceiling with junk. Everyone in town talks about "that crazy lady downtown."

My Dum Luk

My Dad has OCD hoarding...

Trying to get him to admit it is as far away as mars.

Add to the clutter a bunch of cats and dogs, yuck.

Have been helping him, but it's an emotional rollercoaster ride since he puts off all his paranoia, fear of the landlord/neighbors on me.

It's been tough on my family too since I come home late and snap at my wife. Reaching out for help was a good sign, but I wish he would just let me handle it and trust my judgment.

He'll pull a smelly rotten and torn stuffed animal back out of the trash and say I might want it for my kids or it could be donated to someplace that helps children.

He talks like he's sane most of the time except that he's BLIND to reality. He's gone around his neighborhood and trucked in all their disposed items and brought them inside. It's like Shallow Hal sees a hot chick in every ugly woman...he sees treasure in broken, rusty, torn and useless garbage.

I really don't see ANYTHING of value.

He is in denial of any disorder and just gets angry when I mention it and says I'm ignorant/naive. Says he's not unlike people who buy large quantities of items at Costco. Same story he doesn't have time, and that he was saving this or that for some reason he can't remember but he needs it and that he just needs to get a little more organized.

Says he keeps this stuff in case he needs it and that he can't afford to buy everything new, etc etc etc.

All his appliances are broken and rusted, the ceilings and some floors have water damage, no hot water or gas. No way to bathe himself, wash his clothes, or heat food. Lives off of cold canned food and candy bars.

He's dirty and stinks and never puts on the clothes I give him. I have to put a moving blanket over my seat just to take him to the store.

Sometimes when I call to check up on him he rips me with accusations of tipping of his landlord or authorities from some detached thought bouncing around is his maddened mind. It's tough to give what you can in help and support and get treated like crap and called an untrustworthy liar. I've backed off a bit since I get the clear picture he may not even remember what I'm doing to help and goes on the same rants and stories I've heard a thousand times.

Just sit there and take all his crap and jump to help him at a moments notice....but he's insane. What can you do?

There must be thousands like him out there.

I feel sorry for all the kids of OCD parents.

We've started purging all our collected junk since this whole thing sickens me so much. I want to shed every trace of the symptoms from my life for fear of becoming him.

Hope I can get through his head that he needs help and maybe there is even some benefits that could help him get the basic necessities.

Will be checking in for news and info on this condition.

Thanks for reading.


I know what your going through

I feel for you, been there done that. My Mom is now in the psychiatric unit in the hospital (hates me cause she thinks I put her there and she is perfectly normal) Lives like that most of my life. I am so sorry for you and all of us that have mentally ill family members to care for. May God give you strength and patience as he has me. God Bless IKWYGT



I am, and have been for weeks, prostrate on the sofa, overwhelmed with the enormity of sorting out all the detritus from the variety of events I've designed recently and my recent wedding show I produced. WHAT WAS I THINKING!

We renovated a '40s house last year and have very little room to move to begin with and the two of us are incredibly active people with WAY too many hobbies and not enough time. Reader, musician, photographer, knitter, event designer, painter, woodworker, and running a home-base office.

Add to that fun existence - I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and have the energy and usefulness of a chair with a broken seat.

I've been trying to bribe friends to just entertain me while I sort out the paraphernalia into recognizable categories so that I can move them out of the way to make room for shelving. I even rented a storage unit.

And yet, on my back I languish, completely unable to overcome the...what? I don't even know what's preventing me from getting to it! I even have a place to take these things! At least I got rid of the tradeshow sandwich board signage and six boxes of unused surveys...

Any tips on getting this 'dog' back to it's bowl?


they are my idols.They are the greatest

fragile industries

Kristan, really? I think you have them confused with the Jonas Brothers. The Collyer Brothers weren't a rock band, they were OCD disasters whose craziness KILLED them. It's a real disease and not a lot of fun, as the foregoing comments illustrate. My heart goes out to anyone with this problem and their families, IKWYGT.

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