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    C.S. Lewis: "The Weight of Glory"
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I'm better than most, but shit sometimes slips by. I know effect from affect, their from they're, surly from shirley, but occasionally my fingers which suffer from a disconnect from the creative process, type words of their own choosing. Yesterday I typed "addition" for "edition." Go figure.

I hate emoticons. My newest bad habit is incomplete sentences written for effect. No, really.

A new thing comes to Dodge. The San Francisco Opera is doing a simulcast of Madama Butterfly Saturday night, sort of. There's to be a big screen set up in the Plaza in front of City Hall where thousands are expected to join in a festive performance. I'm going to be there.


Me too. I try, and sneer at others' mistakes. Then I'll rattle off a post and read it after it's published, and there will be some egregious blunder. Humiliating. A lot of it has to do with speed of blogging, tiredness and editing.
I like the addition/edition switch. I've done a few like that. Now, maybe I'll keep track of them.


As with all kinds of love, I think loving language means never feeling entirely sure one has done it justice. (Hmmm... is my use of "one" really elegant or proper?) We lovers of language read style guides like self-help manuals.

May I recommend
The Economist Style Guide to supplement Messrs. Strunk and White? In case you don't have time to read the whole thing, I would especially recommend Some Common Solecisms and Americanisms.

I'm somewhat guilty of emoticons, and using asterisks to convey emotion. (As in *grin*, so that you know I really am smiling right now!) There's just something about e-mail that makes me want to make sure people know how outgoing I am, and those seem to do it. But not when IM substitutes your punctuation with a big yellow cartoon face. That's just idiotic.


I seem to have touched a nerve. I suppose sensitive, literate bloggers (and why would my readership be otherwise?) blog not only to hear the sound of their own voice and treat others to the same, but also because they care about language as a means to connect.

I got so carried away with my fulminations on apostrophes that I never delved into my hostility about questionable quotation marks. I'm occasionally guilty, using them for effect, but what I cannot stand are their appearance in business copy as emphasis. We've all seen the coffee shop menus that say something like "'Best' hotcakes in town!" (Another exclamation point, to boot.) Or a sign advising "'Drive-thru' window open!" Don't get me started . . .



It drives me insane. Mental.

That said, I overuse scare quotes and parentheses. I can't help it.

And I also often have to fix typos and other gaffes the minute after I've hit save on a new post.


I often end with elipses...

I have certainly overused exclamation points, too! (I do like parentheses, too.) Emoticons? Nyegh, who needs'em?

But I don't think I misuse punctuation much or apostrophes. I agree: better to not use them at all than (not "then") to use them spuriously.

Trying to get our second son to proofread his writing is proving a daunting task. I agree that poor grammar, spelling, punctuation smack of illiteracy. My excellent high school education has paid off in countless ways. Thank you, Sisters of Mercy.


Ironically, there is an error in my last post.

But I don't think I misuse punctuation much or apostrophes.

Should read: But I don't think I misuse punctuation or apostrophes much.

Gone Away

I agree with you wholeheartedly about punctuation, especially the dreaded apostrophe; in fact; I wrote a post about it a while ago (A Little Blogging Grammar). But, in the right place, emoticons can be so useful. Text can often be misunderstood and a smile after the sentence can indicate the spirit in which it's written.

Or maybe I just don't want to give up old habits gained in years of internet chat... ;)

Gone Away

.oO(Hmmm, serves me right for showing off with a semi-colon - the blasted thing's turned up twice!)

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