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  • C.S. Lewis: "The Weight of Glory"

    C.S. Lewis: "The Weight of Glory"
    "I am trying to rip open THE INCONSOLABLE SECRET in each one of you -- the secret which hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence."

  • -- Unknown: "God does not require you to have a great faith. You simply need to have faith in a great God."
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    Why the hammer logo? "Hammers" was my maternal grandmother's maiden name, and I like the matrilineal symbolism. My great-grandfather was a blacksmith, so there's that family history as well. I consider myself ready to undertake the Fragile Industry of rebuilding my life with that hammer. Rebuilding the Insconsolable Secret “that hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence.” (C.S. Lewis.) In taking up this blog I raise the powerful tool of language, of exchanged ideas, of humor. I am readying other devices from my toolbox, rusty, disused. The hammer is an ironic symbol of freedom and new life, of encouragement to me. Take it up if you dare.

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Good for you. I'm not at all religious, but believe in the necessity of a spiritual existence for all of us.

Sorry about Hermes. If I lived in NY, I'd go pick him up. Someone nice surely will.


I also love CS Lewis, especially his spiritual books. It sounds like you and I have some similar beliefs. I do believe that Jesus was divine. I just don't believe that he was the only incarnation of divine in the world. Even though I'm not a christian as most Christians define it, I find a great deal of good in some christian literature and hymns. A lot of it really isn't incompatible with my own sets of beliefs.

Like you, I don't want to judge anyone else's path. My own is hard enough to follow. I just want them to leave me to my path if it's something they don't agree with *laughs*.

E J Sawyer

This article reminded me that I have to get back the Sci-Fi Trilogy that I read when I was in my twenties...gulp...long, long ago. hehehe.

What I read so often with folks who battle with the divinity of Christ as if it were the first neccessary step to faith. It just is not. The problem is doubt, but the obstacle to faith is sin. Hence, Christianity begins with a problem that cannot be solved. Humanly speaking. Once it is, then one is open to magnificent revelations...aka. Peter : 'YOU ARRE THE CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD'...Jesus is pretty straight up when He says that such was only possible by divine revelation. (The Father). Then when Jesus asks Martha, 'Do you believe I am the resurrection and the life.' She just has no way of grasping that. Jesus resurrects Lazarus and that cause a major stirr.

Perhaps the one matter that is saddest is that there is a wonderful supernatural world that is hinted at by the emphatic detail of our physical world, and it is VERY, VERY DETAILED INDEED. I was out walking today and just stood by the river looking and being thoroughly amazed at the physical detail, not to speak of the invisible detail (microscopically speaking).

Lewis really does get the idea of the invisible, not microscopic and that it is so close to fantasy that the two are virtually inseperable, almost a sort of inner madness, that attracts great resistance from those who are not so hooked up, as Jesus was, and as we too can be.

Perhaps our biggest hang up is that we are so overloaded with sensory inputs that we cannot see with the inner eye, and hear with the inner ear and hence the revelations that are there from those who see with the eyes of a child, are just not seen in our wonderfully media pumped reality.

We see a page of internet vision here, but what about the invisible that was here before this ?

I am so inspired by what you wrote I am going to hunt down every Lewis book I have not yet read, and the one's I have already read but lost or lent out.


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