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  • C.S. Lewis: "The Weight of Glory"

    C.S. Lewis: "The Weight of Glory"
    "I am trying to rip open THE INCONSOLABLE SECRET in each one of you -- the secret which hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence."

  • -- Unknown: "God does not require you to have a great faith. You simply need to have faith in a great God."
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The Fragile Industries Manifesto

  • Hammers
    Why the hammer logo? "Hammers" was my maternal grandmother's maiden name, and I like the matrilineal symbolism. My great-grandfather was a blacksmith, so there's that family history as well. I consider myself ready to undertake the Fragile Industry of rebuilding my life with that hammer. Rebuilding the Insconsolable Secret “that hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia and Romanticism and Adolescence.” (C.S. Lewis.) In taking up this blog I raise the powerful tool of language, of exchanged ideas, of humor. I am readying other devices from my toolbox, rusty, disused. The hammer is an ironic symbol of freedom and new life, of encouragement to me. Take it up if you dare.

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Sid Leavitt

Excellent thoughts, and you do have a way with words -- "the devotedly downtrodden," indeed.

But you know, even before I finished reading about your friend, I knew you couldn't shut the door on her. Or anyone.

Thanks again, and have a happy and eventful 2008.


Okay, that was fucking brilliant. Under the subheading "It's always about me," I didn't realize it wasn't about me until about the 4th or 5th paragraph.

You know, I've occasionally had people come to my blog looking for your other personna. For the curious, it would be real easy to know the connection between her and Fragile Industries.

Neither of the two about whom you speak are especially curious. On the other hand, to be perfectly honest, not many people are.

Happy New Year, sugah.

Cindy Dean

LOL...OMG I am laughing so hard right now because I know exactly what you are saying! Just Brilliant! I just found your blog through the ZNE network and I hope you accept my invitation to be my friend!


Wonderful entry, as are most everything I've ever read on this site. Always entertaining, and I often find myself saying "wow--what a great way to express that." You truly have your way with language!

Pondering that very fact has me wondering if perhaps a writer has a natural proclivity for wanting to fix a bad situation, rather than just passively hearing tell of it. As you write something down, there is always that little editor voice that asks "is there an even better way to express this concept?" So perhaps it is instinct to want to improve, fix, streamline, and render most efficient anything from a paragraph to a grocery list to a miserable marriage.

Unless you are one of those freaks who can just spew flawless prose with no revision, and if so I will jealously loathe you to my dying day. :)


Thanks Bill for your kind words. I am a freak, but not of the flawless prose variety, so no loathing allowed. I like this theory. Also, it's genetic. My forebears are all incurable optimists and positive thinkers, one being Frederick Bailes (great-uncle), one of the founders of Science of Mind Church and author of "Your Mind Can Heal You", still in print after about 60 years. See previous post under Religion or Spiritual Wisdom or Family History, I forget. Uncle Fred advised my mother to stay away from people mired in negativity, as the toxicity rubs off. Good advice.

In other news, my computer is on life support, I can check in only when it rouses itself from its coma and then only for a few minutes. So there may be a dearth of flawless prose here for a few weeks until Dell sees fit to send me a new brain. Bear with me.


Somehow I find myself at times a magnet to the "pathologically downtrodden." And yes, for your own sake you can not be around those people too often or for long periods of time. HOpe you are doing well.

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